Monday, October 12, 2015

Waters Knights

Lighted Waters
Gifts to share on the sands of time long ago, there ws once a man and a women, love at first sight, accross the deck of the ferry, cars were loaded, a forty minute trip, across the sound. Trips by car, trips by tain, lots of time to kill, three days both ways. Okay , great day to be alive and on the right side of the grave, a good day always for me, how about you? Time to remove the mask, or get lost in the mixed, and it is always about control, of course. Email address exchange time, and more details to build the house on sand? Ready to purchase a house, have cash ready to place for down payment, but my credit does not fly yet. 

Waiting for a true blue kind of day for the knights to shine in the lights of dazes at the end of the rainbows. Angels to share the corrections to mistakes, lessons learned, time to race on the beaches of time, like the horses racing for the water to drink, good times to smile for the lessons. Windows and doors open at the top of the morning, rats to races, just for a dollar or two. Monkeys see, and monkeys do, rats running races, horse and pony shows, whats on TV. Who cares is what I say, every day for over 13 years, lost count. Joys and pains, bumps in the roads, streets to cross.

Path roads crossed, fun in the dude house on the beach, Mike Bravo in Ogri, not sure how to spell, boats and ships of dr eams, days to give thanks for another day, mistakes made to be corrected. Not be being a worm, or a wasp, asshole in other words, time to take a stand, time to get back up. Big picture, to give to grow, to stand, to fall, get back up, created new dreams. Wheat and rice, food to eat, taste good with fish, maybe frogs, how about some snake on a stick, fun to taste. Part of the fairs to eat, snakes and frogs on sticks, baked and cooked well done. Hot sause to spice it up, more chicken, more fish, more

dreams to stir. Movies online, movies to call to big horse and pony show, cash on the table, income for life, in all the things we do. Have the hidden messages of most fairy tales, give more, take what you need, just enough, to make all your dreams come true.

Joys and pains, dances in light of day, joys and peace to share, happiness and help with the lights, here to take the mice out of pain. Peace and understanding, views and assholes, days of shames, days to turn on the lights. Truthful and bullshit, 8-letter words, hard for the monkeys to see, hard to teach, hard of hearts, hearts black, eyes covered in shit. Shame and disgrace for a frog, shame and hate for the crooks and robbers, sad story of a fairy and a frog.

Changes to the fairy tale,not a snake in grass, to talk about, now they are monkeys on dogwood trees. Facts and fiction, good times to share, with the bumps in the road. Time on the cross, time with the crows, time with the bald turkeys, snakes to fish, plenty of fish and frogs to see. Days on the beach, days in the sun, happy and delights, suns to shine. Thanks and praises to those choose few, the brave, the saints, and the sinners, birds will sings, songs in trees, trees in parks, tales to share, the joys and pains.

High roads taken, high standards to guide, gifts of the joys and jumps done for the good, bad and ugly deeds done for the love of a woman, love and hate the horns of a goat, gifts to share with the wolves, gifts to share with the land whales, Sheri Jarrot, blonde bottle whale on land, hairless Rachel Jarrot, the bald turkey to shine.

Rachel Jarrot, fat girl, dream life over and done at the age of 12, laws of the land, states the rights and wrongs of childhood ends. Forms of a bald buzzers to trade for the land shark? Fools and freaks gifts to share of the pussies, stories to tell of the dicks, stories to tell in the dead of the night. Craigslist notices to give for the deaths of the land whales, last line for the whales tossed, last chance to stand tall. Is the time reapers to appear, to clear the dead, to shine for the darkness to come.


Days on land, days on seas, days in the shadows, days in the dark, jokes and laughs, to share today, in the English way. Tall tales, fairy tales, and tips out of the air, to give away. Goodness and mercy, angels to see, angels to protect the rights to reasons, songs to give to the birds that are true, messages to share. Birds and bees, songs to sing, bees and butterflies, jokes and lessons learned. Goodness and mercy, angels for me, to protect the young at heart. Heat and hurt, time has passed, new plans of business to conduct. 


Heat and homes, my gifts to share, veterans lost on the streets, houses and cash to spare, gifts from Uncle Sam. Big plans, big dreams in actions, phones to buy, wailers also, more phone lines to place. Jobs to create, cash on the table, Uncle Sam cares, if you take the times to fill out the forms. Nonprofit in place: Ella Doce Del Maya, de California, locations in Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Corona, Moreno Valley, and places in between, gifts to share. 

Once long ago, in a dark dream, went to get a free ride, to the doctors for awhile, found a snake for a minute. Found a frog to hop alone with me, with my mother and I, had the aunts also to go. Went though a lot of paperwork. In the end, it was a blink of an eye, life in the grave was over, for all of us. Lots of lies, lots of love, lots of laughs, tales online, stories to share, cat and mouse, cartoons shows. Pages to turn, stories to read, books to create, monkeys on a tree. Games of rats and men, rats racing for more cash daily, events for the here and now. 


Spiders, Snakes, Jewish Turkey Dogs: Reptiles, Serpents, Spiders and Snake Alert: Reptiles, serpents, spiders and snakes, toads, bullfrogs, snails on Under or over the rocks, and the kinds of bugs, pests, and all of the other spineless factors common for all these creatures. Snake in grass, land whale, freaks out at night. Swiss cum lord, Steven Jarrot, Jewish and Right? Head of the sacks of dung living the life on the edge of life, gifts of good looks, fat as a whale on land, with glasses for the mud views at the bottom, on the bottom of the barrels of snakes.

Time out of California, life on the beach, trips to causes gone. Trips with kids, six grown kids, Julie with new baby, in the camp of New Yorkers. Thanks for the part of seas, trips to the kings and queens, food and fun on the beach.Sheri Jarrot old lady in Upland: La Quinta in Paradise for the seasons, Sima Jarrot, just the kind of white people that would like to believe they are better than the blacks, Mexicans and the working classes.

Lessons are needed in the people that have red blood, and lack of natural hair on head, and the crowd that lives in a RV for life, the hag fag in Upland, and the other one that is a cow to buffalo in Colorado part of the time.

This is my wish for them to grow and change the parts that are dirty and mean and nasty, see that we are all the same, and labels are projections most of the time, and a cystal ball is not needed to tell them that they are twisted, and crazy is not a word for the insane views that they have on truth and honesty:have of cows and buffalo, and their positions as frogs now and later if expands are not done in the hood, or pond with pads for us all, if we choose to live there.

 Bend Coppers Twisted: written stories, and used pen names, to think about facts not fiction to me, and the twisted and tainted views of Steven Jarrot:7608512267: just a snake, just a cheater, just a gay, fat guy in a coffin alone now.  Craps in a bottom of the pot of craps, out of the box for the fruits and nuts to prey on. Gifts given for the horns of a goat, love and hate, same word for the turkeys. Turkeys in the pot, turkeys cooked, and eaten, thanks to give for the darkness of the eyes of a jackal or a fat fag, males or female fag hags.

Trees to chop, Franky Trees, the tree lugger, from New York City, the champ to fight for the rights to breathe. Earth angel rewards the charms and graces of a true blue American Man. Fit to fight, tall to swing the acts of rights of the hurts and pains, given for a day in heat for the eyes of a green eyed devil, which one the first to fall. God is good, god is great, god is the light in the darkness, where is the light on the Jarrots?

Pigs and Hogs, Snakes In Grass, Nuts To Go, Day Jobs

Another Part, Bits and Pieces, doves with the branches of peace, Norh Art, tips left from the boat trip. No land to see, rain for over a month, dead in the water, the sinners and the saints, not to believe, to be killed with water, God Spoke, in the long rainy season, sons and wives were saved. Bible stories, fairy tales, Jesus Christ, Moses and cousins, building a troop. Army of frogs, army of fools, tips and tales of how long it took. Trip to the promise lands.

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  1. Crooks and robbers all their lives, poker players, lucky at cards, unlucky in love, marking time. History of spiders and snakes, history created to show the changing times, lessons learned on the sands of time. Killing time, not the thing to do, tricks and trades, cum to play, party and play, pals do not last long. Knights to shine, not in that world, thugs forever today, thugs until they die. Friends and family, poker players, snakes in dens, monkeys see, monkeys do, swing from tree to tree.