Sunday, April 17, 2016

Media World, Rites Of Cows, Trades Of Dogs, Rachel Jarrot.

Role models, dates high places, lots of charms to display, lots of love for clothers, lot of love for hair, chicks and babes, walks of fame. Ladies with class, ladies of the nights, ladies with dates with knights, good times to look good. Lots of hats and hair, lots of wigs and caps, lots of horns and goats, lots of love to flip. Dates and dances, dances in drama, love and hate, girls to women, role models to follow.

Angels in the air, ages of dates, love and hate, coins to flip, views and noses in the air. Free rides, lessons learned over time, lessons on love and hate, faces of women, faces of dolls and chicks, faces of land whales. Tips and tales, hands to hold, veterans to get lost in the mix. Back in time, back in the day, life and lights to stay, dances done in the dark. Views and noses of Rachel Jarrot, pieces of a dream, life in the dark. Donkeys and asses in the family, records to break, to start over. Lots of luck in that. Can We Get a Round of Applause: True Sportsmanship. Frogs and snakes, dates to set with a groupie of Men at Work,  Mean Girls, And Dicks And Dogs. Bitches in heat, dances with dykes, Rachel Jarrot, Rach Jay, hats and horns to wear, snakes in the grass, in other words. Lots of luck in hand. October 3rd has actually become a Mean Girls holiday for most people – as well as wearing pink on Wednesdays. 

Views and noses, one or more on the faces of bitches, dykes and dogs, pages of hell hounds, tips on line to share. Lots of love here, hats and horns, wigs and caps, for bald heads, Rachel Jarrot, at the head of the line, classes on love and hate, lots of pink for the class, wednesday kids. Clearly, the Mean Girls and its lingo are going to be around for a while, its definitely one for the books that’s for sure....Rachel Jarrot at rachel104life -

Lights and darkness, sunny and bright, dazes on the beach, good times, time to relax. Time to restore, hands to hearts, hearts to hands, good times to dances, beaches and life on the sands. Gifts of joys, gifts of sunny dazes, gifts of moments in time, lots of love, lost on the sands of time. Angels on earth, angels on the air, angels in the faces of the people you meet, earth angels every one, good or bad, coins to flip. Looney Toons - Bugs Bunny 129 - Hare Brush...

Face book to note the passing of this great woman. I never knew her, so will have to take the word of a person with a one page book of life to address all matters of importance...March -May 2013.:'s Make Out/***** Out of Box Please. Steven Jay Jarrot : Owner/Consultant; ANYWAY TRANSPORTATION.760 851 ....

CROOKS AND ROBBERS. Rach Jay, Rachel Gaylin Jarrot ..'Stump the Rach' Jay

 : Mohr - Rachael Jay Show....Cows, Cattle, Cattle Callers, Horns To Blow,

 Love Large....Fairy Tales:Snakes and Vipers, Prince Frogs Tips -

... Gifts and skills to share. Good times on the beach. Buffalo girl, Cali cow, time spent, as buffalo or pigs flying. Dimes of granddaddy. In regards to what I have learned at CU Boulder that will help me pursue these goals, well, if I’m being completely honest,  have to kiss a lot of asses, lots of brown spots on my face, word of the time, back in the day. I didn’t know anything about any aspect of the media industry until I took media/journalism classes here this year. I now have a foundation of the way different media outlets work and that will help me as I continue my education in this industry. 

Haters and liars, hats and wigs, horns to sound, take a moment,pages to turn, ways to grow, ways to turn things around. I will start to see even more connections between the classes I took here and the classes I take in the future. Also, I’m sure I’ve learned even more than I realize about this industry. did lots of home movies last year, my daddy- Steven Jarrot, 7608512267- the pimp, help my a lot. I feel as though, I could become the biggest slut in the movies, lots of sex in the family, that I have, just like the junk we like to sell: Jackie and Sima, role models for me, after my mother the fag hag of La Quinta, and now Upland, lots of tricks to do. 

Pages of lovers, pages of dicks to suck, lots more to learn, My brother, Charlie Jarrot, has a new dick now, bought with daddy, cash when he was 14, got a new dick then. Way to go, lots to learn, once I get out into the field, I will have the ability to use the knowledge of the media industry I learned in my time at CU more than I would have ever known I would’ve at the start. Chella and Ragecoach.....My Future in the Media World: Uncertain, but certainly exciting...Dykes and bitches in heat, faces of snakes in the grass, Rach Jay, Rachel Jarrot, Sheri and Sima, faces in family trees, monkeys to swingers, sinners and saints, views online, tips to share. We dont play that shit around here. He (KKK) said next time he will have to bring more people. Then get ready to die. They will kill you. He had better have enough men for a whole city. Anaheim is a largely populated Latino area. they will not survive the second coming. .Posted by  in Uncategorized...This is what will happen to you if you do.

I tip my hat to you, Mark Water, no one will ever forget this movie. And if they do, all I will have to say is… Between “so fetch”, “you can’t sit with us”, “your moms chest hair”, “boo you whore”, “on Wednesday’s we wear pink”, “its October 3rd”, “don’t have sex, because you will get pregnant and die”, and most of all “she doesn’t even go here”,

Lovers and haters, views online, Rach Jay, Rachel Jarrot, date with a butch, date with a bitch, views of role models, hats and wigs, to ears, tips online: which I’ve only heard more since I’ve been in college ironically enough the movie has evidently made quite an impact on girls through the last 10 years. I mean, October 3rd has actually become a Mean Girls holiday for most people – as well as wearing pink on Wednesdays. Clearly, the Mean Girls and its lingo are going to be around for a while, its definitely one for the books that’s for sure. I tip my hat to you, Mark Water, no one will ever forget this movie. And if they do, all I will have to say is…

Toms. Doctors, Harry Dicks, Dicks Wonders, George Benson and sons. Flies on shit, flies on sacks of shit, daily gifts from the gods, Steven Jarrot. Gods to family, sinner or saints, to roll over in boxes of bones, today or moot. Filled with bones in a box, sunshine and bright lights, to the left side. Graves to you, faves to me, circles of love and hate, goats and sheep, ways to grow, ways to expand, ways to turn things around.

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